Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scatterday Week 5 and Week 6

Hello, I'm back! We had a lovely lazy 2 weeks in North Queensland, punctuating our lolling about on the balcony with adventures to such places as Green Island, Kuranda and Cooktown. I'll post some photos later but for now I need to catch up on Scatterday!

First we have Week 5 which was the letter B

One of my Favourite Things is our BEAUTIFUL BURMESE Asta. Asta is Meshell's cat but one of Asta's endearing qualities is that she shares her love around. She spends time hanging out with each and every one of us every day. She is also an evil fiend but she's so gorgeous that she gets away with it.

The Big Thing I chose is a BOEING 767 AIRPLANE, well the wing of one anyway. I took that photo out of the plane window as we were flying over the middle of Australia. I love flying.

And for Shop I chose a fruit and vegie shop called BURRENDAH FRESH that even have their own shopping bags.

And then on to Week 6 where the letter is W

For Black Things I chose my back garden WORM FARM, complete with its own scary looking spider web - I'm sure there's something black in there too, with 8 creepy legs! But hey, I like spiders, they eat flies so he can stay. The worms munch on our kitchen scraps

The Tool I decided upon is a WOOMERA, which is a multi-purpose item used by Australia's Indigenous people. This particular woomera which was in a museum in Cooktown is a ceremonial one, but they are also used for such tasks as spear throwing, cutting and as a weapon or shield.

I only had to wander into my son's room to find something in the category of Games. This is a roleplay computer game called WORLD OF WARCRAFT .

And for this week Michelle has chosen the letter C, and thanks to her hubby for choosing the categories while I was busy wandering through rainforests. :-) And those categories are Hobbies, Furniture and Pizza Toppings.


Michelle Watters said...

Good girl for catching up. Lots of excellent photos. Good thing the holiday was able to provide a few things. Looking forward to seeing all your other photos.

Liz Needle said...

Well, you've excelled yourself catching up. And to think it took me ages to work out mine and you've done it in a twinkling.

Sue in western WA said...

I'm really enjoying your Scatterday finds. (Too lazy to participate myself!)

Looks like you had a lovely holiday. {sigh}