Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Palm Cove, North Queensland

We spent the first week of our holiday in Palm Cove, in the tropical north of Queensland. It was extremely nice, very classy and lovely, with giant Melaleuca trees lining the paved street. Apparently they were growing there back when Captain Cook sailed past a couple of hundred years ago and he mentioned them in his ship's log.

We stayed at the Sebel Reef House, on the first floor. The balcony was a wonderful place to be, and we spent a lot of time there, soaking up the relaxing atmosphere and watching the world go by. I tried to photograph the balcony view by taking 7 photos, gradually rotating my way around the whole scene, and I've had a go a sticking the 7 shots together to make a panorama. The perpective's a bit off but I hope it gives you an idea. The beach was exactly 40 steps away - hard to take eh. :-)

This is the bedroom, isn't it gorgeous! The whole place seemed so Gone With The Wind. All white and colonial.

This is the main pool of the Sebel Reef House. Steve took this photo. It looks like something out of a magazine don't you think. But it's the finer detail of the photo that captured my attention. I'm in the photo, up the other end of the pool.

Complete with unglamorous wide open gob as I was about to duckdive to the bottom of the pool. My career with Vogue seems doubtful...

I had to wrap my head around the fact that being on the east coast the sun rises over the ocean, whereas here in Perth it sets. Regardless, the sunrise on this particular morning was amazing.


your daughter said...

I'm going to pee my pants if I look at that picture of you one more time, I really am.

Fel said...

What a gorgeous place to stay!

verobirdie said...

Must have been a nice vacation!
Looking at the pics is a nice way to begin the day; Thank you.