Saturday, October 06, 2007

Scatterday Week 7

Well, here we are again, it's Scatterday! With the letter C in charge.

For Hobbies I chose CHESS. When Steve and I got engaged many moons ago, instead of a party we went to Bali for a week. And while we were there we bought this carved chess set, the pieces being representative of Indonesian culture. While it is very attractive it has ended up the chess set that has sat in the cupboard redundant. Why? Cos we have no idea which piece is which, it's just a mass of lovely carved confusion!

CAPSICUM, CHEESE and CHICKEN are my choices for Pizza Toppings. While we are quite fond of Domino's pizzas, Chicken Monaco, Italian and Veggie being particular favourites, I also make pretty good home-made pizzas, using pita bread as the base. Tomato paste wiped over, then a light sprinkling of grated cheese. Chopped tomato sprinkled with basil leaves, chopped ham and sliced mushrooms over that, then little blobs of cottage cheese, a few sliced kalamata olives and a bit more grated cheese. 15 minutes in moderately hot oven then Yummmmmm

My choice for Furniture is our COFFEE TABLE. It's made from a slice of jarrah burl that's been coated with many layers of polyurethane so it's all shiny smooth and lovely. It's set atop another piece of jarrah that creates the single leg and the base. The table top is very touchy feely around the edge and I must confess that I enjoy putting my feet up against it. The downside of the touchy feely convoluted edge is that it's a bugger for trapping dust. Occasionally I become a housewife extraordinaire and get to it with a toothbrush, but for the most part I just accept fluff as an accessory. :-)

Next week will be Scatterday Week 8 and your mission for the week is the letter F, and the categories Michelle has pulled out of the jar are COLD THINGS, SIGNS and THE ELEMENTS.


Christina said...

Welcome home and I enjoyed your holiday snaps looks like a lovely place....We too have one of those slab coffee tables and yes great dust collector

bec said...

Drooling over your holiday pics - wow.

Love the C stories.

Di's SnippitS said...

Very nice coffee table, perhaps you could put the chess pieces up on the blog and see if people could work them out.
The holiday seemed fantastic.

Pennie & David said...

Snap!! We bought a Chess set similar to this one way back in 1969 only it was in Mexico and made of Onyx... the pieces were too big for the squares on the board and we couldn't tell what was what so I think one of the children's schools got it for their fete! cheers Pennie
P.S. You can take next weeks away and do it again please :-(

Erica said...

Is that a scquilters siggie swap quilt I spy on the couch?

Dy said...

Erica, it most certainly is a SCQ quilt! I made it in 2000 and the squares are dated 1998/99. A few of the siggie squares are blank now after many washes and a lot of the colour has faded but it's still my favourite quilt.

Michelle Watters said...

Finally home and having a look at your Scatterday pics. All very good. Is that C off your Hippie Quilt?

Dy said...

Michelle, well spotted - the C is indeed from the Hippie Quilt, it's the C in "Woodstock" to be precise. :-)

Liz Needle said...

Love the coffee table, Dy. You know it doesn't really matter if you don't know which chess piece is which. The pawns are pretty obvious and you can probably work out king and queen. As for the others, if you have the requisite 2 of each, you can decide for yourself which is going to be what.