Saturday, October 13, 2007

Scatterday Week 8

Here we are again, it's Scatterday! Gosh it's been a busy week, I'm glad it's the weekend. :-)

For my Cold Thing I chose a FLUVAX - an influenza vaccine. Stored between 2 - 8 degrees Celcius. To help protect from the ravages of types A and B influenza. I've made a point of having one each year since working in a health environment and haven't been flattened by the flu in those ten years, so I'm a bit of a Fluvax advocate!

The Element I chose was FIRE. I decided to use a candle flame for the photo, isn't it interesting how the colour breaks up within the flame.

And the Sign I found was FIRE EQUIPMENT, at the local shopping centre.
I am still struggling with taking photos around shops, like it's illegal or something and at any minute I'll feel a hand on my shoulder as I'm marched off to a small windowless room for a chat!

Next week will be Scatterday Week 9, and Michelle has pulled the letter P out of the jar. And the categories that came out of my jar are METAL, SWEET THINGS AND RED.


Michelle Watters said...

Well done Dy. That's an excellent candle flame photo.

Now I want you to get out there and start taking photos. Face your fears!! Forge ahead!! (can you tell I'm tired)

What you need is a fake ID hanging round your neck, They'll think you are a photo journalist.

Pennie & David said...

Fluvax... Dy you are a real Hoot!! I never thought along those lines once!! Be brave... I'm shy and have to take a deep breath but when I went to the local Westfield the other day I made 4 new best friends in three different stores! I must put the story on my Blog this week it was such fun! I have to say though David did get caught up by Rail Police when he was caught taking Movies of trains coming through the Underground Stations... they were nice to him though... he didn't get locked up or the film confiscated so if you keep away from the London Underground you will be fine!! LOL

Di's SnippitS said...

Fantastic Fotos Dy. I had a fluvax last year and had the worst year of colds ever so am debating about having one this year. Very unusual subject well done.
Hopefully that P for metal will be no problems for me but haven't though of any thing so far.

Christina said...

Good choices Di....I am with you about taking photos in shops a bit nervous, I will take them in the street though. Yesterday when at the fire station the lady came and opened the door and asked what I was doing, and I got so nervous when I took a photo of the truck I put the camera on video mode instead of photo.

Liz Needle said...

That candle flame photo is beautiful Dy. Very pure and clean shape.
Fluvax is very clever. I had the shot this year and so far - touch wood - haven't had the flu.
I usually get at least one bad bout a year. Perils of teaching.