Monday, November 26, 2007

Bah Humbug

It's that time of year again - pre Christmas insanity. I've been trying to hide my head in the sand and pretend it's not happening but I'm going to have to succumb soon and get sucked into the madness of it all. Already the shops are packed with people and to find a parking spot involves stalking pedestrians pushing laden trolleys back to their cars. I don't know if it's just that people are behaving more obnoxiously than normal in the shops or it's that there are so many people that my personal space is being constantly invaded, but I feel like throwing a few punches eventually.

God I get annoyed when shops start putting decorations up at the beginning of October - it makes me feel stressed, that I should be starting to get organised when it's still 12 flipping weeks away. Then again maybe I should, then the shops would be empty....
It's all too hard, too many things to think about - I get Xmas Brain Explosion and it's not pretty.

Steve, Meshell and Paul just adore the Xmas food shopping expedition. I might add that I DID NOT invite them to share this with me. I normally forbid any members of my family to come food shopping with me because of their total lack of maturity in wanting to buy excessive amounts of unnecessary crap.

So, with total disregard for my happiness, they gleefully discuss their tactics. Last year it was 'divide and conquer' - with no warning they all peeled off in different directions, racing back to throw things in the trolley that I was wearily pushing, then off they'd go again on their hunting party. Their plan went a little astray when they realised that I was putting things back when they weren't looking. :-) I heard them discussing this year's strategy the other day - apparently they will appoint one person to remain with me to guard all the pickings. Perhaps I'll just refuse to go - no, that wont do, they'll buy bloody everything without me there to shout at them! :-)

However, I made myself feel better the other week, I even cracked a big Christmas smile! I bought myself a Christmas card - to me, from me. What do you think?


Fel said...

Love the card ("merry what?", hehe). And I understand your feelings about the Christmas rush. I tend to hate it as well and try to avoid it as much as possible. I usually try to make some presents myself, and for the few things that remain, I'll try and visit the shops when most people are working...weekday mornings are good. I know that's easy for me because I'm (as yet) a student, and may not work for everyone.
This year, I also ordered a couple of things from Etsy. I wonder how people will like them. :)
Also, good luck for the food expedition. Sounds stressful... *fingers crossed*

Susan D said...

The words 'bah Humbug' come to mind. But I do have to agree with you Christmas seems to get earlier each year, I mean cards on sale in September.

verobirdie said...

I agree with you, decorations should appear around the beginning of December, not October. It spoils it all.
I hate shopping more and more, too many people, and rude people most of the time. I'll age into a crabby lady :-)
But I still love to look at the shop windows and the Xmas decoration.
You did well to buy yourself a card.

Miss Dot said...

Bah humbug indeed!

I have the solution. Send them shopping with a list, then when they get home go through the docket and add up the cost of all the extras they bought and deduct it from their Christmas gift!!! that would stop them :-) sorry Meshell!

feli said...

LOL...I was giggling when I read your post.

Thank God that for my family Christmas is not all about shopping.

Our family normally celebrates Christmas by going to church and visiting family and friends. Usually around this time my dad would pack the family up and head to our village far far away from people.

Tanya Brown said...

Bwahahaha! Love the card. I was just realizing I could send those out here and get away with it, 'cause no one would know what they meant.

I'm sick up to here of stores trying to move the Christmas Slopping Season further and further back. It's taking all of the specialness out of it. Christmas shouldn't be about stress, either, but it increasingly is.

Christine said...

I have total empathy. At lease now my 4 offspring are adults I don't have to try to buy enough gifts to stuff large knitted stockings like I used to. The darned things would STRETCH allowing more and more to go in!! These days we gift money and the kids spend it on whatever they would like. That sounds really AWFUL when I write it down, but with 3 daughters, I was always returning clothing and jewellery gifts I thought were "just right" for them, so money seems more logical. For me though, the family getting together around a meal table is more immportant than ever now. I'm not getting any YOUNGER you know, feeling a little fatalistic lately, must be the weather. I tend to shop late at night in the supermarket, and any other gifts for friends and acquaintances are usually bought during the year when out and about or at fund raising functions with goods suitable. Now if I can just work out what to give/make for a Secret Santa who is an embroiderer... pin cushion perhaps?