Friday, November 30, 2007

Scatterday Week 15

Letter M is the star this week in Scatterday.

For the category of Weapon my thoughts moved to the regular sound of gunfire in this house, courtesy of Steve and his X-Box 360. I took a photo of the covers of his favourite games, and here we have a natty MACHINE GUN from Halo 3, and a shiny, smokin' MAGSEC 4 from Perfect Dark, which I believe is some sort of you-beaut pistol.

For Hobby I have used MACRAME. This is a rope jug I made many years ago, following the instructions from my Macrame book. This style of macrame is supposed to be something like that done by Native Americans I believe, it's called a Hopi style jug. I'm rather fond of it actually.

Now for the third category, Texture, I'm going to do something a bit different this week. I figured with texture it could go one of two ways - to photograph a texture beginning with M or to photograph the texture of something beginning with M. I've gone for the latter but I've decided to turn it into a little competition by doing them in macro and cropping them.

So, the following 7 photos are macro shots of the texture of everyday things beginning with M. If you feel like playing, see if you can guess what they are and email me with your answers to randomappliqueathotmaildotcom and the first person with the right answers will win a small prize. I'll post the answers one day next week.

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

Number Seven

I'll be interested to see if people find these hard or easy to identify. Have fun!

I'm thrilled at how popular this little game is, I've had some hilarious emails. When I get my new camera for Xmas I'm going to do this sort of thing more regularly - I had the pleasure of using my daughter's fantabulous camera to take these shots - I luvvvvv taking macro photos.

So far there is one clever clogs with 6 right. Number 4 and Number 6 are proving to be the trickiest. I adore number 6 - you wait til you find out what it is! Now, I'm giving a clue for number 3 as it's a bit obscure the way I've photographed it. Most people are giving me the answer 'metal' which is true, but I want what the object IS - and the clue is KITCHEN. I'll post the solutions on Tuesday I think - don't explode your brain waiting! :-)

And for Scatterday next week, the letter is tricky K, with the categories of Dangerous, Blue, and In My Neighbourhood. Oh boy!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I dont have time to play right now so I'll have to come back.
Love the macrame.

Michelle Watters said...

I looovvvveee this. I am looking very hard and I thing some I work out but some of them are hard????

Di's SnippitS said...

Fantastic idea Dy perhaps you could turn this into a new version of scatterdaisies when we finish this. Looking quickly I can only work out pik 7 will be interested to see what they are, I will deliberate over them this evening and see what I can guess.

Pennie & David said...

Gunfire???? No no no... I think I would shoot David if he played those games LOL
Love your textures and will come back to them, just got time to see who has their Scatterday up right now.

Pennie & David said...

P.S. Do all the textures start with an 'M'??

Dy said...

Yes Pennie, they are all everyday things that begin with M, photographed up very close to show the texture of their surface

Lindi said...

Think I've got 1 and 5. Will work on the others. This is hard, but fun. I love a challenge!

Kate said...

Gosh Dy, what a challenge. I have a few of them picked, but the rest of them have me stumped. Your macrame jug is fabulous.

rooruu said...

I'm stumped, and you're clever!

Nola said...

Tricky I'll have a loog tomorrow morning and see if I can work out some of them... before you tell us what they are!

Stomper Girl said...

I've come to this belatedly and think it a fabulous game! Although I suck at it, I got precisely one.