Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scatterday Week 17

Hip Hip Hooray, it's Scatterday! Starring the letter D.

For the category of Sewing I've chosen DMC EMBROIDERY FLOSS. I use it a lot, for cross stitch and embroidery. I love the fantastic range of colours they have, and the newer variegated ones are a bit special for embroidering flowers.

Watercraft is the Vehicle, specifically Steve's DINGHY. He's been busily organising it for a fishing trip this morning which alas didn't eventuate as it was blowing a gale. Fickle this weather.

And for Touchy Feely I couldn't go past my DOG'S EAR. This is Maxie, one of our two Mini Schnauzers and she has the softest most lovely coat. Her ears are delightful to stroke between finger and thumb, they are like velvet when she's just been clipped.

Michelle has chosen some interesting categories for next week - we are looking at Christmas, Medical Things and Beverages, and I pulled the letter S out of the hat. Should be fun!


Michelle Watters said...

Lots of doggies this week. They do come in handy. Very handy dinghy and I did not even think of DMC threads. Love next week. I think the challenge will be doing it without Santa.

DoubleL said...

Love dinghy - what a funny word to type that is. Next week with S will be easy I reckon

Nola said...

I'm envious of all these people with dogs - mine went to the big doggy bowl in the sky this year, and I still miss her! Love the dinghy, and I have a big basket of DMC threads myself that I didn't think of. Once you think of something it drives everything else out!

rooruu said...

Ah, the DMC threads - a simple and elegant solution that eluded me. Love all those colours.

Stephanie said...

My goodness the doggies were popular weren't they Dy? I just can't resist those silky ears!