Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scatterday Week 18

Good Morning! Are we all in pre-Xmas hysteria or is it going swimmingly? I'm pleased to say that I'm quite organised now, except for some nail biting over 4 purchases from England that haven't arrived yet. Eek, air mail that left UK on the 5th December should be here by now!

Anyway, it's Scatterday! With the simple, straightforward letter S - luvly.

For the category of Christmas I photographed two of Meshell's fabulous array of decorations. Firstly we have SANTA PANTS (don't you just love that name) - a china dish for lollies that is only Santa's bum and legs. I love STARS and I think this is a particularly nice one that Meshell received in an handmade ornament swap.

Beverage was a no-contest. SAUVIGNON BLANC, a variety of wine that I've been indulging in this year. We've always been Chardonnay drinkers, but we've spread our wings to Sauv Blanc and Semillion Sauv Blanc. Western Australia produces some damn fine wine!

And finally, Medical. As this relates to my line of work, I had a field day with photography after everyone had left. I culled it down to these three items, firstly a model of a SPINE, with a somewhat wonky looking foam intervertabral disc. The trusty STETHOSCOPE, every doctor's essential item; and finally a SPHYGMOMANOMETER - to check your blood pressure.

Wow, next week will be week NINETEEN!! The categories are Green, School Days and Animal. When you are wracking your brains and tearing your hair out, you can blame Michelle because she is the one who gives us our letter - and it's a Y. Yikes!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I can see your heading but not the photos. If your time is WA time I guess that they'll be in the process of uploading. Weird!

Dy said...

My fault - pressed publish by mistake before I wrote anything! All fixed :-)

Jodie said...

Well done, love the santa pants! Jodie

Lindi said...

Ha, Santa Pants! Never seen them them. Snap on the sphyg, although my dictionary listed the spelling totally differently...I thought I must have been saying it wrong all these years, so glad to see I was right!
How on earth can I do one photo next week with y? Don't expect it!

Christina said...

I love the Santa Pants and stars but the letter Y next week Yuck


Kate said...

Love the Santa Pants. Also the Sauv Blanc. Have a great Christmas.

Michelle Watters said...

Love all your photies Dy. Those Sanata Pants are excellent and I knew you'd go well with medical.

Liz Needle said...

Great photos Dy. i am with you on the Sauvignon blanc. Absolutely my favourite wine. Yes, WA does make some good ones, but so does the Adelaide Hills.

Tanya Brown said...

Poor Santa. All the Christmas preparations have made him lose his head! I suppose that means he'd be on the "hysterical" end of things, eh?

Re: the England purchases. If they don't arrive in time, perhaps you can wrap a photo of each item as a sort of promise?

Here's hoping that you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas!

Lindsay said...

Ah, a sphymomanometer...referred to as the blood pressure pumpy thing at our work!

Glad you got the card. Merry Christmas!

Pennie & David said...

Medical would have been easy for you no matter the letter eh Dy!! :-) I have Y covered for next week, just need to take the photos.

Nola said...

Ya boo sucks to Pennie - Y looks like a challenge to me!

Snap on the sphygmomanometer - who'da thought, eh? I just love those Santas pants!