Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scatterday Week 19

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I sure did, and I have a brand new whizz bang camera to play with. Lots of dials and buttons on it so it will be a big learning curve, but what fun eh!
Anyway, here we are again, Scatterday, with the stinky letter Y.

For the category of Green I went with YARN. This is some handspun yarn I bought in skeins last year, wound with our nifty ball winder.

For Animal here is a YELLOW FIN BREAM (3rd down on the left), also known as a Silver Bream. This was the result of a fishing day out Steve had with one of his work mates.

For School Days I chose YEAR BOOK. This is my contribution from the tender age of 8 - I was most chuffed to have my poem selected for publication in the year book. Looking at it now the first verse looks like it came straight out of a greeting card! And there's a story with the second verse - the last line should say "who always beats me up", but my teacher informed me that 'beats' was not a ladylike (I went to a pooncy girls' school) word to use and I was to select something another one, which is why is doesn't make sense - who says "punches me up" (and that, apparently, is a more ladylike thing to say) - but it had to end in up to rhyme with pup. I'm still pissed off about it - I can hold grudges for many many years! :-)

Right Scatterdaisies, next week we are looking at another tricky letter - V, with the categories CAR PARTS, OFFICE ITEMS and IN THE KITCHEN. Good luck!


Lindsay said...

I love that yarn...very nice. And I think beats me up sounds much better in your poem!

Christina said...

I never even thought of yarn, V next week wow that is a hard one.

Lindi said...

Nice fish! I like your choices.
I don't like next weeks choices! LOL

Michelle Watters said...

I am so loving that poem! Well done on your choices Dy - I knew there was going to be some sort of fish in there.

Pennie & David said...

What I want to know is what your father thought of 'dear old chap' when he must have been younger than you are now LOLOL

Oh Dear... I knew we had to get 'V' some time and there's still 'X & Z' to come... oh dear, oh dear I can't think of a single Babushka that will fit the categories for 'V'