Sunday, January 06, 2008

Scatterday Week 20

Ohhhhh dear, I am very late naughty girl - I guess this is called Scunday instead of Scatterday!

In the Kitchen I decided to use VANILLA in its various forms. I don't know about you but I get right off on the smell of vanilla beans, and I love poking the used pods into my caster sugar cannister, makes it smell soooo nice.

The Car Part I chose was my VOLUME CONTROL DIAL on my sound system. I love the sound system in my little Getz, it plays MP3 discs, so I put together all my favourite songs off my CDs and make super dooper MP3 discs that hold about 90 songs! This disc is all my heavy metal stuff, hence why I have scrawled the word "loud" on it. :-)

Office Items had me stumped for a while, and then frustrated when I couldn't use what I wanted. I had intended photographing a Viagra Pen, we get given them by the Drug Reps, but I couldn't find one, darn it. So, instead I have used something that alas is nowadays absolutely vital to me in the office - my VISUAL AIDS. I only need them for reading, so I wear them halfway down my nose and thus peer over the top of them to talk to people.... I feel very 'school marm' ish. :-) You don't appreciate your eyesight until it starts to fail do you.

Now, onto next week - Michelle chose the letter E, and the categories I pulled out of the hat are WHITE, THE PLANT WORLD AND TERRIFYING THINGS.


Liz Needle said...

Great closeup photos with that new camera, Dy. Hmm, Pity about the viagra pen though. LOL

Michelle Watters said...

Well I was beginning to wonder where you were! Good photos. I like your choices too. I think volume control was unique as well as those visual aids. Don't need them yet as I am a bit younger than you LOL

Anonymous said...

Dy Taylor, I was worried about you!
I like your choices.

Pennie & David said...

Visual Aids... who would have thought it!! And Michelle Watters what was that on our nose I saw yesterday??

Lindi said...

Snap, kind of, on the visual stuff, although mine are visual displays. Volume control is a beauty! Vanilla is always a good choice...vanilla icecream, vanilla bubblebath, vanilla milk shakes, vanill candles...mmmmm

Nola said...

Visual aids, hmm, I've had some of those for a long time! I really missed seeing the Viagra pen - just for those long afternoons at work when you need a little lift?

Lissa Jane said...

I LOVE your choices this week Dy.. vanilla.. bugger... why didn't I think of that, rather than the cat (again).. dunno how I'll work a pet into this weeks challenge, but thats my challenge within a challenge!