Monday, January 07, 2008

Orange, Stitches and Rocks

Today was varied
A play with my new camera, which I'm only just beginning to scour the surface of - it does lots of cool stuff. For anyone interested, it's a Panasonic FZ50 digital, and I've just ordered an extra macro lens for it. For today - "Orange, In Still Life" :-)

Next it was off to Spotlight with Meshell to relieve ourselves of our Christmas money. I love skipping round craft/habbi stores with my basket buying a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Best buy was three big rolls of Xmas ribbon for next to nothing, and a piece of linen that was being discontinued and was going at about 1/4 the normal price.

In the afternoon the cross stitch girls came over, and I continued on with my Kandinsky cross stitch, which hasn't been touched for a few months whilst Christmas craft took over. This is one of Kandinsky's paintings that I converted into a cross stitch pattern using some natty software.

Then finally I popped into the Radiology clinic to collect the X-rays on my big toe, which has been giving me grief on and off for a couple of years, but the last few months it's got to be a right pain in the...well... toe!
I suspected osteoarthritis as I have that in my knee, and the report certainly agreed to that and talked about degenerative and lipping and spurs, but I can't stop staring at these bloody huge rock looking things on the bone - what the freaking hell are they!!
I have no idea if they are even the problem - I'll find that out when I head back to the doctor to learn my fate. I keep staring at my foot trying to visualise big lumpy marbles that I'm seeing on the x-ray. Creepy


feli said...

owhhh... you should have waited for Saturdays. I could have gotten you my Staff Discount from Spotlight. :*)

I work there on saturdays.

Lindsay said...

Ooooh, love the goodies.

Those lumps look like sesamoids (of which I know nothing about in people). Good luck!

Michelle Watters said...

I do not wish to see those X-rays. They make me feel a bit sick. Nice to know you have an X thing when you need it though.

DoubleL said...

Not a good picture after Fran's apricot jam! what odd creatures we are

Lindi said...

OOh-ooh-ooh! Kandinsky! One of my favourite artists. How cool is that cross stitch going to be!
Love the orange. he photo shows up all the gradations in colour and tone, not to mention the texture!. I love the purples in the shadows. Do you mind if I do a painting exercise from it?

Lindi said...

See, I was so excited that even tho' I proof read what I wrote, I missed the T for The! LOL

Dy said...

Thanks for the anatomy lesson Lindsay! Michelle and Loz, sorry to have grossed you out, but those bumps are probably normal! And Michelle, what are patchwork light tables for but to check out your x-rays and consider your own diagnosis! :-)

Liz Needle said...