Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Focus, Zoom, Snap

You'll have to bear with me for a bit, while I bore everyone stupid with lots of photos of nothing in particular - I love my new camera! :-)

Now first, a Scatterday update.... you know I mentioned I wanted to use a Viagra Pen for last week's V thing in the Office, and that I couldn't find one..... well, I found a whole heap of them, so here, for your viewing pleasure - Viagra pens! Not all that exciting are they :-)

I think this is really cool, this is a close up of a thorny stem on one of my pot plants.... don't you reckon those pale bits look like the upper part of little people? Or am I delusional? Interesting blend of colours and textures anyway, those tendril looking bits are actually cobwebs I think.

My Mum and Dad had a recent holiday to Egypt and look at what Mum brought back for me.... I must stress that my photo does not do this glorious Egyptian cotton justice, it's the smoothest, softest, most lustrous fibre I've fondled in a long time. Both pieces are fringed on each end and could be used as pashminas, I haven't decided whether to wear them or sew them! For now I'm enjoying just looking at them.

I bought myself a treat today - a DVD. I love creepy, gruesome, bloodthirsty movies and fantasy ones in particular. I don't know too much about the story of this one, "Pan's Labyrinth", but I know when I saw the previews of it at the movies last year I got all prickly and excited and decided that I just had to see it. Never got round to seeing it at the movies so what a good excuse to buy it eh, especially as it was only $20.

And finally, Steve picked the very last of the tomato crop today. We've had oodles of them from his vegetable garden and they have been delicious. There are two types, the longer ones are grape tomatoes, my favourites - they are nice and firm. The rounder ones are cherry tomatoes, sweet and yummy. Steve's favourites are Tommytoes which finished a few week's back.... they are slightly larger, like a big cherry tomato. They're all good!


verobirdie said...

I watched the Labyrinth of Pan a few weeks ago, and liked it very much. It is a fairy tell for adults, absolutely not for children, with all the ingredients that scared us as kids. Beautiful and cruel at the same time.

Lindi said...

Use your camera as much as you like. I, for one, am enjoying your photos! Makes me want one of those cameras myself.

Fel said...

Hehe, I dragged my boyfriend to see Pan's Labyrinth on our second date, saying that it was a "fantasy movie". We-ell...I think a fantasy tale for adults describes it pretty well. Or rather, dark dark story with dark fantasy elements. But yeah, bloodthirsty it is, and beautiful, and fascinating. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it. :)
(And I had a hundred excuses to snuggle up to my boyfriend while we watched it ;D)

Gerry said...

This is a great movie. Had I known it was in Spanish with sub-titles I probably would not have rented it. But I am sooooo glad that I did. ENJOY IT!

Dianne said...

Pans Labyrinth is FANTASTIC!!!

Quiltycat said...

I am envious of your tomato crops. It's usually a "summer activity" for us- growing tomatoes but when I left Melb on Monday all I had was a few green ones. And now it's been 40 deg so they're probably Fried Green Tomatoes!!! Carmel

Liz Needle said...

Fabulous photos, Dy. You are doing amazing stuff already with that camera.