Friday, January 11, 2008

Scatterday Week 21

Ah, Scatterday, letter E Scatterday to be precise. Now, I'm a few hours early but I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning for a week (down to Albany to read/photograph/sew/sip wine/wander/walk on the beach/relax with Steve and the kids) and wont have time to do my post in the morning.

I have been inspired by one of the newer Scatterday's participants - Dawn in Auckland. Dawn has been posting fantastic layouts on her blog, sort of like scrapbooking but without using scissors or glue! :-) It looks terrific and I thought I'd have a bit of a play too. I had downloaded a heap of free vector brushes for Photoshop a month or so ago, and hadn't had a good play with them, so this was the opportunity.... all the background doodads...the eyes and the e's and the tendrils are vector brush stuff.

So, Scatterday, garden oriented this week for me.....
For the Category of White, I used an ENGLISH DAISY - a ground cover in our garden with tiny little white petalled flowers.

Next is Terrifying Things, and for that I chose ENCLOSED SPACES. Ooooer, any place very small that makes me feel trapped is a terrifying thing indeed. Me no likey

And finally, The Plant World. My choice is a small plant called EUPHORBIA MILLII. It's in a pot under the pergola, has mean spiky stems and bracts of these bright waxy looking flowers pretty much all year round. Mum and I bought our plants at the same time and we've been having a little competition to see whose plant grows best. I think mine's winning :-) Well, I must say that Mum's plant is having a little growth spurt lately and seems to be catching up, but I've discovered that this plant thrives on neglect - a variety of gardening I am very good at :-)

Now Scatterdaisies, next week. It's a bit of a doozy. I have blessed us with the letter U, and Michelle has kindly given us the Categories of Street, Cartoon Characters (flippin heck!) and Things People Pay A Lot Of Money For. Get those thinking caps on!


Liz Needle said...

Love the new style layout, Dy. I'll have to find out how to do that stuff. I like.

Pennie & David said...

Hey Dy you could've used the English Daisy for all categories... White, Plant and because it grows like weeds... A Terrifying thing! Now why didn't I think of that earlier. LOL

Lindi said...

Ditto Pennie's comment. It would have been much easier than what I did do!
Enclosed places is a really good one. I know others who have your problem, but I didn't even think of it.

Michelle Watters said...

Nice layout Dy. Now and Dawn will all have us trying out new things. Great photos. That new camera is good!

dawn-in-nz said...

Well done on the layout Dy, excellent. And thank you for the nice comments on mine - it is Scrapbooking, called Digital Scrapbooking. Did you see earlier in the week on my blog I gave links to tutorials etc, I'm just not good at them myself.

Nola said...

Looks terrific, Dy! You always do such great photographs to start with, so I guess that helps!

Doesn't the euphorbia looks gorgeous! I am not good with things in pots - too neglectful.