Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scatterday Week 22

Helloooooo, I'm back! :-)
We had a lovely holiday down in Albany and I took a zillion photographs with the new camera - more of that later.
Now - Scatterday with a U... better late than never I always say

Now, I must confess, due to time constraints, that I have been very naughty with my image for the category of Cartoon Characters. This is URSULA, and you will find her in the Studio Ghibli anime movie called "Kiki's Delivery Service" (and a delightful movie it is too). Michelle, I'm sorry - I've pinched the image off the Studio Ghibli website.... grovel... kneel... I couldn't work out for the life of me how to take a photo myself until Meshell wandered out a minute ago - AFTER I'd spent freaking ages doing my layout and informed me that I could have taken a photo of the webpage - duh, I didn't think of that

For the category of Street, I went for the obvious and took a photo of the cover of my UBD, a vital item that lives in my car, that contains lots of streets!

And finally, for the category of Things People Pay A Lot Of Money For, I went for a day trip to UBUD (in Bali). When we were there in 2001 we hired a driver for the day, which didn't really cost us a lot of money in Aussie dollars, but in Balinese money it seemed like a huge amount, and we asked him to take us to Ubud and choose somewhere nice for lunch. He gave us a fabulous grand tour and then we ended up at a magical place called Cahaya Dewata - a simple restaurant in a sort of hotel/spa type place that was tucked away on the top of a mountain. The restaurant was open to the air and looked down over this valley. It was amazing and if we ever go back to Bali that's where we'll stay.

Michelle got to choose all the thingies for next week as we were still away yesterday morning, and this is what she has delighted us with.... the letter N and the categories of Orange, Something South American, and Things That Are Good For You, But You Don't Like.


Michelle Watters said...

Well done you. Clever choices even the rule breaking one. I have often resorted to the photo of the webpage LOL. Hey - how about next week. Woohoo.

Lindi said...

Ubud looks beautiful.
I love your layout, and the great idea you had for the letter U.
Very clever, Dy!

NAME: dawn-in-nz said...

Your LOs are coming along very nicely Dy - and you're not the only one taking photos of the Internet - there are a couple of us isn't there Michelle?

Di's SnippitS said...

Nice layout Dy. Ubad looks very inviting.