Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Visitor In My Fig Tree

EDIT: The bird has been identified - it's an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, grey mutation (thanks to a very kind person on THIS Flickr group for solving the riddle). It's not native to Australia and on doing some research it seems that over the years these exotic aviary birds have escaped and become established in the wild and are a declared pest here in Western Australia! You learn something new every day. I'm thinking that because this one was alone that maybe he's recently escaped from someone's aviary - I'll have to check the Lost notices at the local shops.

I've been hearing a new bird call in the back garden over the last few days, and I spotted the owner of the voice this morning. Here it is, having a snack of figs at the top of the tree. Does anyone know what this parrot is? I've hunted through my Australian Bird Book to no avail.... I wonder if she/he's escaped from an aviary?

It's a beautiful parrot.... soft grey feathers and a red beak. Not very big, and fairly quiet as far as parrots go. I'd love to find out what sort of parrot it is, so if you've got any idea could you please leave me a comment, pretty please! :-)


Anonymous said...

I cant find him in my book. I hope that he is an escapee!

Feli said...

I have no idea too. But he sure is pretty.

DoubleL said...

It could be an immature bird - often their feathers are different colours until they grow up. He looks pretty big though. Never seen one in my bush around us.

Tanya Brown said...

There's a handsome, intelligent-looking fellow! You've gotten some nice photos of him.

If he gets tired of perching in your fig tree, he's welcome to come live at my house.