Friday, February 08, 2008

Scatterday Week 25

The I's have it, Scatterday I that is. :-)

For the category of Yellow, I chose the INSIDE OF AN IRIS. This is a photo of the one and only Iris I've ever managed to grow, boy was I excited when it flowered! Blue Irises with the yellow inside are my very favourite flower.

Moving on to the category of Something Australian, I took a drive to the beach and photographed the INDIAN OCEAN (Australian waters of). This particular section of the Indian Ocean is Cottesloe Beach, isn't it beautiful. Perth beaches have the whitest most gorgeous sand - we are very lucky here.

And finally, Something In The Air. This is INCENSE, and I had great plans to do magnificently detailed photos of incense smoke - I found out that it's actually quite difficult to do! This shot involved a black cloth in the background, lighting from the side and the camera on a tripod. You're supposed to use a fast shutter speed to catch the smoke crisply, but I didn't have bright enough lights so it ended up a bit fuzzy cos I had to slow the shutter speed down.

Can you believe we've been doing Scatterday for half a year! It's been really great to see how many people have joined in - thank you for helping to make it fun! As of next week Michelle and I are throwing all the letters and categories back into the pot to start again, making sure we don't have any combinations the same as last time around. We wont use Z this time, but we will use X, and we'll do a free-for-all with that one when its turn comes round.

But for next week the letter is S, and the categories are FRUIT, GOLD, and THINGS THAT MAKE YOU ITCH.


DoubleL said...

Gawd you get the prize for the most tekonogikal incense photo - its a goody. Love your laylout too.

Michelle Watters said...

Well you had the advantage living on the western side of the country. Excellent thinking. And that incense photo is great. I also see you have been playing with layouts. I had a go too but not happy with the result yet.

Pennie & David said...

So your drive last week was to the Indian Ocean was it Dy LOL I was trying to think why you needed to drive somewhere! Very Clever! We grow both yellow and blur Iris and I have some good photos of them but had to fit in my Babushkas and they didn't really fit any other categories.

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Lindi said...

Oh, Dy, now who's raising the bar?
I can't compete with that effort.
So clever, and beautifully photographed as well as a perfect layout. 10 out of 10!

Di said...

Wow, Dy. No that's spooky. I have just finished watching Channel 9's news story on Heath Ledger's funeral where the reporter was standing with your exact view of Cottesloe Beach in the background! I've never before seen a photo of Cottesloe Beach (it seems the family is having a wake in the Old Tearooms there). Love your collage layout!

Fran Williams said...

I thought that Ocean beaches would have had BIG waves????
Looks lovely anyhow :-)

Liz Needle said...

Stunning photo of incense Dy - and a stunning layout. Have we really been going for 6 months. Seems like only yesterday. How time flies etc.

Dy said...

Fran, I took that photo in the morning before the sea breeze came in. The waves tend to be in the afternoon, and they can be quite big at times! It was a millpond that morning.