Saturday, February 09, 2008

So, Who's A Bloody Idiot Then?

Yes, it is ME. I am the bloody idiot.

You see this skip? The one chocka block full of detritis, garden stuff and assorted crap from our house? The one that is absolutely stuffed full right to the top of its 3 cubic metre self? Have a guess what's in it - somewhere? Go on, have a guess....

............. The television remote control ................!!!

Halfway through the toil and sweat of filling the skip I thought I'd be terribly useful and go and grab the pile of newspapers accumulating in the house. After ascertaining that Steve had indeed finished with today's paper, I piled that on top of the rest, staggered out to the skip and flung the lot in. There! Good job done I thought, and onwards I went, pruning like a mad woman, determined to fill every little cubic that we paid $154 for.

Later in the day it became apparent that the remote control was missing. After interrogating all household members as to its whereabouts, the awful truth slowly dawned on me - it was with the newpapers that I chucked into the skip - about a metre down. Oh bloody hell!

There was only one thing for it, I had to grovel through all the crap in the skip until I found it. It was an interesting task actually. As the skip came up to my shoulders I couldn't reach into it to fossic through stuff, so I hoisted myself up and sort of pivoted on my stomach so I was leaning in and my legs were waving in the breeze (I know, I should have got a chair).
At this point it did occur to me that passing motorists must have wondered what that crazy woman was doing - that bag lady pilfering people's rubbish. And the fact she had a camera must have raised the odd eyebrow. Anyway, back to it..... eventually after moving aside cuttings, old wood and a dead computer I spied the corner of an old newspaper..........

And what is this I spy!! Eureka I have found it!

And the world is once again a happy place. :-)
And I must say that I feel quite proud of my hunting skills - even though I was the culprit that lost it!


Angelcat said...

Your story made my laugh out loud. I can't imagine what those passing motorists thought you were up to :)

Fel said...

Teheee! Well, at least you found it in there. Imagine searching through all that mess and then finding it on the kitchen table. ;)

twolimeleaves said...

Seeing as how you found it, can I just say


verobirdie said...

Hilarious. That is really the kind of adventure that may happen to me.
Good that you found it.

Liz Needle said...

Very funny Dy. I can just picture a pair of legs waving at passerbys from the skip. WQell done for your perseverance and tenacity. I hope the family appreciate your sacrifice to dignity.

Miss Dot said...

oh goodess! I thought you were going to say that you backed into it with the car!!!!! and was expecting a pic of the otherside of the car with a big crunch! :-) That is one of my greatest fears with the newspapers and the remotes, that is my excuse for why they go from the coffee table to a pile on the floor near the door for a week to the bin!

Quiltycat said...

Great Story Dy! Am glad you found it. I had a giggle of the idea of you holding the camera while searching to get that photo for THE BLOG! Scrapbookers move over!

Lindi said...


I hope someone got a photo of your legs sticking out! Now wouldn't that come in handy someday for Scatterday.

Janine Matthews said...

my DH took our control on tour with him many years ago, it got caught up in his clothes when he was packing, normaly it's not a major problem but had a new baby at the time and a remote was vital

Lisa Walton said...

Absolutely sounds like something I would do so I am thrilled I am not the only one. I am often found diving head first into the recycling bin trying to retrieve something that should not have been thrown away.

Tanya Brown said...

If this situation wasn't curseworthy, I don't know what is!

NAME: dawn-in-nz said...

How funny Dy - and would you believe it our remote is the EXACT same one as yours except that it's black! Ours is an old Sanyo Teletext TV, now in my computer room!

Nicole said...


that must have been such a sight, I literally can imagine the search there. lol.

at least you found it.