Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who's A Gorgeous Girl Then

Here our baby - Asta Cat. Well, actually she's Meshell's baby. She's a blue tortie Burmese and we adore her. She rules our dogs with an iron fist.
And she is an evil fiend, with a mouth.... if you tell her off, she does this mouthy meow at you, which I swear is cat for "Get %$&^ed"!
But she is also the cuddliest most people orientated girl and she shares her love around with all the family.

She is an inside cat, but we take her into the back garden on supervised outings occasionally. She and I were hanging out together yesterday on the lounge chair under our enormous fig tree. Which is the local drop-in centre for about 15 wild rainbow lorikeets. Who all arrived while Asta and I were there. You have never seen such a motionless pussycat, except for the enormous eyes that swivelled back and forth, incredulous that these feathered things were dropping bits of fig on her.


Feli said...

They say that Burmese Kitties are the most affectionate and the most vocal cats of all. Sheee is sooo cute. I would like to kiss that nose please.

Lindi said...

She's gorgeous!

Re: Bowie
Are you kidding?
I own it on VHS and also on DVD!

verobirdie said...

your cat and mine must be related!
Mine is very affectionate, but she does not hesitate to use rude words when she disagrees with me.
Rainbow lorikeets in your garden, oh gosh, that must be something!

Quiltycat said...

Love love the photo of the birds!

Conni said...

Beautiful cat - love her coloring! And those birds are mighty fine, too!

Lelia said...

wow. what a beautiful cat you have. we have a couple cats & dogs & a chinchilla [daughter's]. I cannot get over your fantastic cat photos. What a sweetheart!!!