Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Made Something!

You were right.
To the people that commented that the fabulous new craft room would be hard to be creative in because of its pristinity (do you like that word, I just made it up) - you were right.
I spent all of last week just wandering through the room, sighing with pleasure, stroking surfaces, delighting in the clean tidiness and fabulous organisation of our stuff. Which was very enjoyable I might add, but have we heard the chugging of a sewing machine or the clicking of knitting needles - alas no.

So anyway, I had this lovely pine frame that originally housed a very nice dried flower arrangement that eventually disintegrated, so my plan was to devise some natty new thingy to decorate the frame. And yesterday I made myself sit in that lovely room, make mess and create something. And I did! :-)

"Come On Baby Light My Fire"

One of the things that annoyed me about myself last year when I was heavily into embroidery, was that I couldn't figure out how to use the finished pieces. They are all sitting redundant in my sewing basket. So that was my challenge, to use an embroidered piece, along with some of the polymer clay faces to pretty up the pine frame.

I frayed the edge of a piece of dark brown hand dyed fabric and glued that on to the frame, and I also rolled up the top and bottom ends to give it a scroll type appearance. Then I sewed the faces onto the embroidered dragon hand-made felt piece I had squirreled away, then needle felted some strands of yarn around the faces to soften the edges a bit. They look kind of 'witchy' to me now, slightly sinister and taunting that dragon just a wee bit.

It's on the wall, I think it looks ok, AND I cleaned up the mess and put everything back in its place. Hallelujah! :-)


Sasha said...

It looks great! And HURRAH! for using your fabulous craft room! :)

Fel said...

Very pretty! And great use of resources. ;)
You get extra plus points for cleaning up right afterwards! That's the good thing about clean and tidy rooms, they make it so much harder to leave a mess (whereas my room highly encourages me :P)

Lindi said...

Love it! I'll trade you a gnome for a dragon. grin
And you tidied up? Does that work?
Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong.LOL

Liz Needle said...

I like it Dy. My colours exactly. They look like sea witches to me. Do you sculpt those little faces yourself, or do you use a mould of some sort. They are captivating.

Dy said...

I wish Liz! Alas, I'm not that clever and the faces are made from push molds. Nice and easy!