Friday, March 07, 2008

Scatterday V

For the category of Pink, I've gone with VASE. My aunt gave me this vase some years ago, it's been in the family for a wee while I believe. I'd love to know more about it. It's very strokeable... lovely and smooth on the back.

Next was the category of Signs. I went hunting for a "vote" sign, a leftover relic from the election, without success. So instead here is the sign for a noice bag shop called VICTORIA STATION.

And finally, the category of Big. Had there been a volcano handy that would have been fabulous, however I settled for VINES. This is a lovely vine covered walkway at a big shopping centre nearby and I love the twisted gnarled stems of the ageing vines.

Next week it's the letter L, and the categories are Household Items, Things That Are Round and Tools.


cinzia said...

There should be more of those vine covered walkways. Used to be one near my previous house and although it was the long way in I always went that way for the relaxing feeling it set to the day.

Pennie & David said...

Lovely little vase, you need something like Antiques Roadshow don't you... does it have markings on th bottom??

Dy said...

My thoughts exactly Pennie,Antiques Roadshow would come in handy! I don't this it's particularly old or valuable, but it's unusual and I like it. I can't find any markings on it at all and I also can't work out what it's made of. A little mystery for me to get my teeth into... :-)

Lindi said...

That's a beautiful little vase. Lovely layout, too. aren't we all getting adventurous and creative?

Michelle Watters said...

You are getting cleverer with the layouts Dyanna. It's that spanky new craft room. It's raised your standards all round. Snap on the vase. Love the vines. And I want a better photo of the handbags when H comes around.

Christina said...

Hi Di

Letting you know I am back in the land of bloggers and looking forward to participating in Scatterday again tomorrow. Finally got the Satellite internet at last and no moe silly dial up.