Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm A Lucky Girl

It was my birthday yesterday, 48 years young. And I had the nicest day, I was surrounded by lovely people both at work and at home, I received emails and cards from friends and family, and I was thoroughly spoiled (or is it spoilt?) by my family. Would you like to see my goodies? Some were surprises and some were things I ordered and then had to wait impatiently for. :-)

First my Koigu yarn - isn't it to die for! My children bought this for me, but I had the joy of choosing my favourite colours off the internet shop, gosh it was hard to choose but I'm really happy with all of them.

This one is my favourite, I just love turquoise. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it yet - it's sock weight merino yarn that's hand painted so the colour variations are divine. I'm thinking I'm going to make another mitres squares cushion.

Next is another fantastic thread holder that my dear father-in-law made for me. He made me the other two a few years back, and they are so useful but as you can see I've rather badly run out of room. So he made me two more - wonderful.

This is my surprise present from Steve. Isn't she gorgeous, at least I think it's a she - what do you think? She stands about mid-thigh height and weighs a ton. We're not sure what she's made of - sandstone or limestone perhaps. She's outside my kitchen window now, under the outside light - which shines on her at night and makes her look like an angel. :-) I love her little fat tummy.

Mum and Dad surprised me with a digital photo frame - I shall have fun with that. I've taken loads of photos but they just sit on my laptop and I rarely see them, so it will be nice to have them cycling through up on a shelf in my house.

You may be wondering what those two tubes are in the front of the photo. Well, Mum has a good memory - ages ago she ordered a huge floral sticker that are specially designed for the big green wheelie rubbish bins we use outside, and I've always admired it. So she ordered me a couple - thanks Mum! I'll post a photo when I've stuck them on the bins so you can see how nice they are.

This is the present that I ordered "from Steve", with his okay of course. I swim laps regularly and for years I have longed for some sort of waterproof MP3 player to relieve the boredom. Well, I have found one after extensive searching. It's called a SwiMP3 (good name hey!) and it a very fandangled thing indeed in that it doesn't have horrible ear plugs but instead it sits against your cheekbones and conducts the sound through the bones in your skull into the fluid in the inner ear which turns it back into sound. Isn't that amazing!

I'm dying to try them out when I next swim on Monday, but in the meantime I'm charging it up and choosing loud, fastpaced music to upload to it. I have even swallowed my pride and put on a wee fashion parade so you can see what it looks like on. There are slots in them that the straps of my goggles go through and that's what keeps them in place.

Haven't I been the luckiest girl ever!


Fel said...

What a fabulous load of presents! I love the Koigu yarn - someday soon I'll have to try it out myself. The SwiMP3-Player is fantastic, maybe I should get one like that for my brother - he's doing swimming competitions, so this would be perfect for warmup etc. Oh, and - I think she's a girl. ;)
Happy belated birthday, too!

Lindsay said...

I have extreme yarn jealousy! Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a lovely day.

Miss Dot said...

oh you are a funny thing! I love those pics, Happy Happy Birthday. I can't wait to hear how the underwater music works out. My sister swims so I might get those for Christmas for her? I wonder what would happen to me if I tried them? might cure my Vertigo? hahahaha I should be so lucky. Best wishes!

Michelle Watters said...

Yes you have been the luckiest girl ever. I hope I am that lucky when I turn 48.

Lindi said...

Happy happy birthday! You did get lovely pressies, but I can't think of anyone who deserves them more than you!

Tanya Brown said...

Happy birthday! I think all of your presents are wonderful and thoughtful, but I'm especially fond of your statue. Very serene.

Quiltycat said...

Happy Birthday Dy!
Love the statue...those eyes are definitely feminine.
Liked the gadget for swimming there one that goes and does the swimming for you too??

Feli said...

LOL.... I like the swim model


Dianne said...

You are a lucky girl! Happy Birthday Dy!!!