Friday, March 14, 2008

Scatterday L

Ello Ello Ello, it's Scatterday and it's the letter L!

I was sitting there, flicking through the dictionary looking for an inspiring choice for the category of Household Item, and there is was - LEXICON - the very thing I had in my hand has another name! Did you know that LEXICON is another word for dictionary? I certainly didn't, and as my dictionary is very definitely a household item then what more perfect thing can there be for the category of household item than LEXICON! :-)

For the category of Round Things I chose a LIGHT GLOBE. Not entirely round but certainly round at one end. I was playing with the photo trying to capture something interesting in the morning sun on the glass.

And finally for the category of Tools I went for LINO CUTTERS, artistically presented along with an example of what lino cutters can do. I made this leaf stamp some years ago and used it to stamp on fabric. Must have another play with that....

I have an "L" story for you.
When Meshell was a wee girl of about 4 we were driving along in the car playing "Eye Spy".
"I Spy with my little eye something beginning with L" says little Meshell.
We went through everything we could think of in the car to no avail, and she sat there very pleased with herself.
Finally we gave up.
"We give up Meshell, you're too clever for us, what's the answer for something beginning with L?".......

Next week we're looking at the letter N with the categories of Little, Human and Mineral - a nice diverse bunch to ponder.


Pennie & David said...

You are so clever and fancy Dy and I love your clever Light Globe photo. Three things I never thought of as well. Love your Meshell story!

cinzia said...

That's quite clever with the lino cutters plus your presentation looks tops.

Michelle Watters said...

Lots of L things this week. I like the variety. And those lino cutters are great. Love your leaf.

Christina said...

Great choices yes knew about the Lexicon but never thought of it or the light globe.

the Infamous Gnomes said...

Could we borrow your lino tools? We need them for next week's scatterday!

Lindi said...

Love the Layout! The leaf lino tile looks great. I can imagine the effects on fabric would, indeed, be lovely.
Also love the light paly on the glass. I think i love light and glass together, even better than fabric! Shh! I didn't say that!
The lbow made me cuckle!

Anonymous said...

Snap on the light globe. I knew about lexicon, but didn't think of it. I should perhaps use it more often.

Quiltycat said...

Love the overall effect of your scatterday pic. Clever you with the leaf stamp....I agree you should use it more!!
Never thought of a light. Well done! C

Tanya Brown said...

Your leaf stamp has made me drool. You're so talented!