Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scatterday N

My contribution for Scatterday this week is my dear old friend Noel Nome (we all know it's meant to be Gnome, but Noel wont have it, he's thinks he's definitely Human). Noel and his fishy pal Nigel have lived with us for 20 years, they guard our garden with great diligence.

Noel has HUMAN characteristics, from his looks (ignore the funny hat) and he displays HUMAN qualities, such as kindness. Every year he used to make Nigel hold an easter egg in his mouth for the children to find.

Noel and Nigel are also SMALL, standing about 25cm in height.

And they are also made from MINERAL. Now, I define mineral as not animal and not vegetable - with mineral being something created from the forces of the earth. Noel and Nigel are made from some sort of stone, which is probably a MINERAL AGGREGATE.

Next week we have another free-for-all, take three photos of things beginning with the letter X.


Anonymous said...

Noel does look lovely. Perhaps you could put him in touch with Tim and Albert ~ they could use a lesson in kindness, they say some rather un-nice things about Lindi.

Lindi said...

Noel and Nigel! Sheesh, we're inundated with them ... east and west!
Definitely send them over to deal with Tim and Albert (who, btw, have disappeared somewhere, this Easter!)

Pennie & David said...

What took you so long Dy, I've been waiting all day for your Scatterday and what do I get!!1 Noel and Nigel... well LOL 'scuse my mirth but you've managed to keep them well hidden till now! What other secrets do you hold up your sleeve? Wait till Tim and Albert spy them, you'll be inundated with Easternstaters if you're not careful!

Michelle Watters said...

Gosh Dy - you've excelled yourself this week.

sMC said...

I love Noel and Nigel. Methinks I have to join the gNome brigade.