Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Her Name Is....

Wow, thank you so much to all the people that left me suggestions for the name of my spinning wheel. It was great when people provided meanings or reasons for the names too. After considering each and every one, my absolute favourite is.... drum roll .....


I initially liked the suggestion of Gretta but when Pearl came along, I just knew that was her name, it fits just right. Plus I like the play on the knitting term 'purl'. And as I liked the name Gretta so much too, I've decided to give two gifties. :-)
So, if Wilma and Lori would like to email me at tayds (at) tower (dot) net (dot) au with their mailing addresses, then I'll get your thank you gifties in the post. Which, incidentally, are the last two embroidered bookmarks I made (hope that's ok!). The Australiana one for Wilma and the purple one for Lori.

Here are some photos of my first attempt at spinning fleece!

This is the raw fleece. It's still greasy and very 'sheep pongy' but the lady assured me that greasy fleece was the easiest to learn to spin with. It's from a 'Corridale' sheep apparently.

Here's a handful of fleece combed and fluffed ready to spin with. I just used a wide toothed metal comb.

Look! Look! I'm spinning!! :-)

This nifty device is called a 'niddy noddy', you use it to wind the spun yarn onto before you wash it. You just tie the yarn in about 4 different places so when you slip it off the niddy noddy it doesn't turn into a tangled mess. This yarn has been plyed (plied?), meaning I've spun two strands of yarn and then spun them together in the opposite direction, so they snuggle against each other.

Da dum - my very first skein of hand spun fleece. Uneven, lumpy, overspun, fuzzy, but I'm so pleased with myself cos it actually LOOKS like yarn! Wait until Meshell posts photos of her finished skeins - yummy! She has used some of her stash of hand dyed roving and wow, her yarn is beautiful!


Fel said...

Actually, I love the look of that yarn. It looks like it could be made into a big, comfortable, snuggly jumper. To lounge about and drink tea in. Mhhh. :D
(Yeah..even though it's high spring, today's weather is nasty. How'd anyone guess? ;))

Lori said...

Wow! I can't believe I won something! I think Pearl is a great name and suits her well. My address should be in your inbox! Thanks again!

Michelle said...

wow. your spinning wheel is gorgeous and the name "Pearl" suits her perfectly!!

Your first skein of yarn looks good!!

Sue in western WA said...

Congratulations on your acquisition of "Pearl!" She looks beautiful, and I think that's a beautiful name for her.

Found you via Jo in NZ. Glad I had a look; I'll be back!

Michelle Watters said...

I love Pearl and I love your work. Clever Dydy.

librarylass said...

I agree with everyone else, pearl definitely FITS. PLus your first hank of yarn has just hit my 'lust' list lol